Thank you to all the talented musicians that have been with us since the beginning and along the way. We built this together.





Fish-eye a necessity at LRS1

Little Red Sounds was the name Felix Fung chose for his first studio in 2001. The small two-car garage was barely able to fit a band inside, yet bands still came and decent recordings were made, despite the challenging conditions. It became clear to Felix early on that if he was going to compete with other studios, it would have to be through the quality of performances and the excitement that comes from everyone in the room knowing that they had captured the “perfect” take.

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After eight years of practicing this method and studying photographs of old recording sessions and the techniques used to capture those great albums, the studio was beginning to show its limitations more and more. In 2009, Felix took a leap and he moved into a commercial storefront on East Hastings over three times the size of the original LRS.





At roughly 1000 square feet, this studio was a big step forward. While the sound quality and comfort level increased dramatically, it was still the methods and ethics developed at LRS I that continued to attract bands and artists.

“Music is not simply recorded there: it is created, explored, challenged, pushed to its limits, and finally captured there.” – Jasper D Wrinch

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In January of 2017, Felix received a notice from his landlord that the cost of renewing the lease had doubled, and was left with no choice but to close the studio. A terrible sense of sadness filled those who came to help rip the walls out and move everything to storage. After a couple of failed attempts to relocate in a Vancouver that had become very costly, a new location in New Westminster came up.

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