Felix Fung

Producer, engineer, songwriter, collaborator, and owner. Felix started Little Red Sounds in 2001 in a two-car garage. Limited by lack of space, he quickly learned that the only way to compete with the other bigger studios – past and present – was to capture the best possible performances.

Over the past sixteen years, Little Red Sounds and Felix have worked with over 200 bands and artists, always striving to bring out the most exciting sound of people connecting in a moment.

Michael Kraushaar

Michael has been running Bully’s Recording Studio and Rehearsal space for the past 10 years, and he recently became a part of the LRS family. Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and some great ears (and gear)! Visit Michael’s website here

Max Sample

Bassist, engineer, composer, studio manager, repairman, co-owner. Max is here every day, TCB. Max brings a lot of knowledge and experience performing music, and has great ears. Chances are you’ll be glad he was there during your session.

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